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Founded in 1981, Rural Sullivan Housing Corp (RSH) is a not-for-profit organization that provides housing for low and moderate-income families, delivers information to the public concerning housing issues, and assists the community in any other way to improve substandard housing. 

RSH joined the RUPCO family in 2021 as a subsidiary. By combining forces, we expanded our geographic reach in Sullivan County to better serve our community.


Serra McDowall Rural Sullivan Housing
Serra McDowall

Operations Director | Community Advocate | Family-Oriented Neighbor

Serra McDowall is a passionate Operations Director with over a decade of dedicated work in community-focused initiatives. She is deeply committed to her professional role and the local community where she resides with her loving family.

Professional Accomplishments

  • NeighborWorks America

  • Credit Counseling

  • Hudson Valley Pattern for Progress Fellow

  • Rural Housing Leadership Academy

Volunteerism and Community Involvement

  • Town of Montgomery Opioid Task Force

  • Walden Youth Employment Program

Our Board of Directors 

Jill Weyer - President
Angela J Rein - Vice President
Margaret Blaut - Secretary/Treasurer
Kevin O'Connor - Member
Jenna Fredricks - Member

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